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Public relations

Our approach to PR is rooted in your business aims and objectives, enabling us to help you deliver the right messages in clear and interesting ways. Media management, communication, recruitment, audits, events, awards lobbying, social, PR strategy and reputation handling are just some elements of our offer.

Campaign Management


Content management

Crisis Communication

Event marketing

Event planning and execution

Media training

Press Release

Talent/Influencer management

Communications strategy

A strong communications strategy is an essential tool to help you organise effective and proactive PR, marketing and digital activity. We can help you to outline a purposeful plan linked to your communications goals and objectives.

Copywriting and editing

Strong products and services deserve equally high-quality writing. Our team will help you hit the mark with crisp and concise words that make people want to know more. We can write or edit your material, or build your in-house capacity through plain language and tone of voice training.

Crisis communications

Despite best laid plans, things can and do go wrong, so if a big crisis hits, you need to be prepared and have help on-hand.

We’re experienced at reacting quickly to limit reputational damage. We will put in place and deliver a recovery strategy to help you get back onto the front foot.

We also offer media training to ensure your top team is ready should a crisis and the full glare of the media’s focus hit.

Media relations

Running a business or providing a service puts you right in the public eye, so you need to develop and maintain a positive profile in the relevant local, national and trade media. We use our strong relationships with journalists, editors and bloggers to make sure you get fair and accurate coverage.

Social media

Social media generates sales, builds your brand online and should be at the forefront of customer service excellence. We can help you to create a strategy, pick your platforms and manage your content and profile in ways that suits your customers (and you) best.

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